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Base, support

In logic, alambana refers to objective basis of a perception...

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Alambasaअलम्बसālambasaA Rakshasa friend of Duryodhana who had joined his forces but Satyaki compelled him to flee from... Read More
Ambaअम्बाambāAmba, Ambika, Ambalika are the three daughters of the King of Benares, whom Bhisma brought by... Amba, Ambika, Ambalika are the three daughters of the King of Benares, whom Bhisma brought by...Read More
Ambarishaअम्बरीषAmbarīṣaA prominent king of Iksvaku dynasty and son of Emperor Mandhatri. There are many stories in Purana... :

Once Indra become jalous of Ambarisha and stole the sacrificial cow meant for yajna. ...

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Annabhatta has written a dipika (explanatory gloss) on the famous Nyaya text, Tarka...

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Apastamba_Smritiआपस्तम्ब स्मृतिāpastamba smṛti Apart from his detailed work on Kalpasutra for Krishna Yajurveda, Apasthamba was also credited... Read More
Apasthambaआपस्तम्बāpastambaApasthamba is famous for his contribution in Sulabh sutra which is the fundamental text on altar... Apasthamba was a teacher of Krishna Yajurveda, particularly Taittiriya subdivision, and have run a... Purana describe him as have the power to stay underwater for long. There is a story that we was...Read More
Arambhaआरम्भārambhaOrigining of a task; causal; original; Mental initiation of an action; sankalpa. Read More
Arambha vadaआरम्भवादārambhavādaT he theory of origination; the doctrine of the creation of the world by Ishwara; the theory... Read More
Asambhavaअसम्भवasambhavaTotal inapplicability; impossibility. Read More