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Vishvamitra is one of the most revered and respected Rishi of ancient times in India. He authored some of the most famous Mantras in Rig Veda. He is very lively projected in the Balakanta of Ramayana. Many Visvamitra are said in anukramani and so it is obvious to have many rishis by this name.


There are many Visvamitras according to Rig Veda. The followers of Visvamitra is credited as the author of most of Mandala 3 of the Rigveda. Gayatri, the Mahamantra found in the Rig veda was authored by Madhuchanda Viswamitra. The famous mantra from Yajurveda ‘aum triyambakam yajamahe‘ was also authored by Visvamitra.

Visvamitra composed 29 Suktas of Atherva Veda.


Viswamitra was born in a royal family and was a king before he became sage. He was born in the lineage of King Kusa and was a king called Kaushika before renouncing the kingdom to become a Rishi. Sage Jamadagni, a Saptharshi of the present Manvantara and a composer of Vedic hymes was Visvamitra's sister Sathyavati’s Son.

Ramayana give the story that Sri Rama came and touched the Ahalya-stone with his feet at the advice of Viswamitra. Ahalya then regained her old women hood and joined with her husband Gautama Maharshi.

The Apsarus Menaka very much loved Visvamitra and their relationship resulted in a daughter, Shakuntala. Sakuntala is the main character in Kalidasas play Sakunthalam. Emparar Bharata was Sakuntala's Son. Another story is: once Indra sent Ramba to Viswamitra to disturb his Tapas and seduce him. When this is brought to the light of Viswamitra he angrily curses Rambha, to become a stone for a thousand years.

Purana describe Vishvamitra as very sympathetic person towards the needy and always compete with sage Vasistha. Once, Viswamitra sent Trisanku to Devaloka, the abode of Indra by a Yagna, sacrifice. When his attempt failed he created a world similar to Devaloka for Trisanku with his spiritual power.

Another story about him is that of the encounter with Raja Harichandra which gave him bad reputation.

While undertaking a penance, Viswamitra helped a boy named Shunashepa who has been sold by his parents to be sacrificed at Harishchandra's yagna to please Varuna, the God of the Oceans.

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