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A group of hermits and worshippers of sun. They are also called as Valakhilyas by some puranas.


The Balakhilyas learned the Vedas and Sastras (scriptures) sitting in the chariot of the sun.

There is a sukta by name Balakhya sukta in R.V. It has got 80 mantras


Sixty thousand hermits were born to Kratu,a Saptarsis, by his wife, Santati. They are called Balakhilyas. Each of them was only the size of a thumb, but they were as bright as the blazing sun and had attained control over their senses.

Once, Kasyapa Prajapati performed a sacrifice to obtain children. The work of bringing firewood for the sacrifice was entrusted to Indra , other devas and the Balakhilyas. When Indra was heaping up on heaps pieces of big logs the Balakhilyas who were very small were bringing in chips of wood. Seeing this Indra laughed. The Balakhilyas got angry, stopped the work entrusted to them and began tapas with a view to create another Indra. The worried Indra went to Kasyapa and complained. Kasyapa went to the Balakhilyas and pacified them. Balakhilyas obliged, however the tapa of Balakhilyas did not go waste. Garuda was born to Vinata, a wife of Kasyapa. Garuda once overthrew Indra when he went to heaven for ambrosia.

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