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Brahma , Vedic priest





In General

Brahma is one of the four principle priest in a Vedic sacrifice, the other three being the hotri , adhvaryu , and udgatri. The Brahma priest, the most learned of the four, was required to know all the Vedas and set right mistakes committed by other priests. The Brahma uses Atharvaveda mantras to 'heal' the bad effect if any committed by other priest.


Brahma got three assistants. They are Brahmanacchamsi, Agnidhara, Pota. These three assistants are respectively called dvitiyi or ardhi, tritiyi and padi. Their duties as well as fees that they get are in the declining order. For instance, the dvitiyi get half, the trtiyi one third and the padi one forth of the fees that is paid to Brahma. Only in large sacrifices like Somayaga these many priests take part. In other Yajnas, the number of priest is reduced according to the needs and circumstances.

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