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1.In Vedic hymns the word Sarama meant for Intuition. Sarama is some times personifies as a lone traveler who takes his own straight path without any confusion and achieve the goal.

2. Sarama is a fine dog of Devas in Purana. Syama and Sabala, sons of Sarama, were two prominent messengers of Yama and they possessed four eyes each. The offspring of these dogs are called Sarameyas. Mahabharata contain a story about Sarama cursing Janamejaya.

3.Wife of Vibhishana, the youngest brother of Ravana is also called as Sarama. She was a good lady and daughter a noble Gandharva by name Sailusa. She consoled and helped Sita in the days of her captivity in Lanka. When Sita broke down on watching the slain head of Rama displayed by Ravana by magic she came to the support of Sita. Sarama had seven sons by Vibhishana.

4.There is another famous mother Sarma, the Daughter of Daksaprajapati. She was married to Kashyapa Maharsi and from her were born the ferocious animals on earth.


Rig Veda considers Sarama as intuition which removes the darkness caused by Panis. Sarama is the power of Truth that seeks and discovers, that finds a divine faculty of insight the hidden Light and denied Immortality.

Sarama is precisely that of the intuition which goes straight to the truth by the straight path of the Truth and not through the crooked path of doubt and error and which delivers the Truth out of the veil of darkness and false appearances; it is through the illumination discovered by her that the seer-mind can attain to the complete revelation of the Truth.

Sarama is different from Saraswati. Saraswati gives the full flood of knowledge. Saraswati awaken the great stream maho arnah and illumine with plenitude all the thoughts. Sarama is the traveler and seeker on its path who does not herself possess but rather find that which is lost.

Whatever Sarama illuminate in the seer is not everlasting. The spiritual light is just discovered; to sustain or possess the light of wisdom one has to continue the effort. Sarama is different from Goddess Ila who gives revelation. Revelation is a teaching which can be imparted to students, but the discovery by help of Sarama is not that strong enough to express in words.


While Janamejaya, the son of Parikshit was conducting a yaga at Kuruksetra the son of Sarama went to the place and was thrashed by the brothers of Janamejaya. Syama and Sabala, sons of Sarama returned to their mother weeping; for the pain and humiliation met by her children Sarama naturally got angry. She cursed the king thus : "My sons did not commit any offence; he did not even look at the havis (oblations), nor did they lick it. For having thrashed the innocent children you will experience Adrstabhaya.” When the yaga was over Janamejaya got rid of the curse by getting sage Somasravas do certain proper rites.

One of the two offspring of Sarama follows Yama.


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