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Meaning of "Gayatri Mandra Vidya>"


Gayatri Mandra Vidya


गायत्री मन्त्र विद्य


gāyatrī mantra vidya

In General

Upanishad uses the word vidya as a technique to do spiritual Sadana. It is meditation and also all other faculties like memorizing, wishing, understanding, aspiring, contemplating and physical activities like developing personality. The technique help the Sadhaka to finally evolve into a supra physical spiritual life.

Meditation on Brahman through gayatri mantra is meant for this vidya. This technique of meditation is said in Chandogya U. in chapter 3 as Prajapati brood over the holy syllable OM. Br.U. in its 5th chapter gives details of Gayatri and the Mundaka U. talk about the esoteric meaning of Gayatri. /

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