सनातन धर्म भूमिका

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The daughter of Asura Guru Sukracharya and wife of Yayati. Sukracharya verymuch loved his daughter Devayani and was ready to do anything for her sake. Yadu and Turvasu, were born to Devayani by Yayati. Of them, Yadu became the founder of Yaduvamsa. Sri Krishna was a descendednt of Yaduvamsa


Brihaspathi sent Kaca to Sukracharya to learn from him the secret of Mritasanjeevani, the art of bringing back the dead to life. Sukracharya accepted Kaca as a student but did not teach him the lessons on Mritasanjeevani. Kaca patiently waited and served his guru honestly. But Asuras were suspicious about the son of Brihaspathi, so they killed him a number of times. But in every such incidence Sukracharya brought him back to life as requested by Devayani, his daughter who loved him passionately. In a final attempt to finish Kaca, Asuras killed him and mixed the ashes with an intoxicating drink and served that to Sukracharya. Sukracharya told Devayani to choose between whom to live Kaca or himself. Devayani cried for the life of both. So, Sukracharya taught Kaca in his stomech the secret of Mitasanjeevani and brought him back to life by killing himself. Kaca interns brought his preceptor back to life.

Kaca decided to leave Sukracharya as he learned everything he wanted. Devayani disclosed her love and requested him to marry her. He turned down the request and said that she is his sister since he came out from her father’s stomach. Devayani cursed Kaca that he would not be able to use the art of Mritasanjeevani he learned from her father.

See also: Yayati

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