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Wife of King Santanu, the great king of Hasthinapura. Before marrying king Santanu she had an affair with sage Parasara and the famous sage, Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa was born to them.

Satyavati had two sons, Citrarigada and Vicitravirya by Santanu. Both of them did not have any progeny. So Sathyavati invited her son Vyasa to the bed of princes Ambika and Ambalika just to have a pogeney to lead the country. Accordingly, to Vyasa were born Dhrtarastra, Pandu, and Vidura.

Another Satyavati in Purana is the sister of Visvamitra. Yet another is a princess of the country of Kekaya. She was the wife of Trishanku and the mother of Hariscandra.


Satyavati was the daughter of the celestial maid Adrika born in the stomach of a fish because of a curse. A fisher man got her while he cut the fish. As the child was dark in complexion the fisherman called her Kali. She was also known by the name Matsyagandhi and Sathyavati. She often used to ferry people across the river and one day it so happened that the greate sage Parasara came to ferry across the river and he fell in love with her. In the middle of the river Parasara created an artificial fog inside which Parasara took Matsyagandhi as his wife. Kali became pregnant and delivered instantly. Parasara left the place after having blessed her that she would not lose her virginity and become kasturigandhi. The son born to Kali, immediately grew up to be a youth and followed the father. The child named Krishna later became famous as Krishnadvipayana Vyasa.

Satyavati again engaged herself in helping her father. One day Santanu, a King of the lunar dynasty came to the forest for hunting. The fragrance of musk emanating from the body of Kasturigandhl spread throughout the whole forest. The King walked on through the forest tracing the origin of the smell of musk and reached the fisherman's hut. The King fell in love with Satyavati. The father of Sathyavati put forward condition that her children must be made king to give away his daughter in marriage to the king. The King Santhanu was in dilemma as he had a son named Bhisma by his first wife Ganga. Bhisma made a promise that he will not prefer to become a king and will not marry at all. This had satisfied the fisherman and sathyavati became wife of Santanu. Two sons Citrangada and Vicitravirya were born to Santanu by his wife Satyavati. Citrangada was killed in his boyhood. Vicitravirya became a youth and married Ambika and Ambalika the daughters of the King of Kasi. Vicitravirya met with untimely death before a child was born to him. When Satyavati saw that the family was about to become extinct, she thought of her son Vyasa, who instantly arrived at the palace. From Vyasa, Ambalika got the son Pandu and Ambika, the son Dhrtarastra. Both the sons Dhrtarastra and Pandu got married. Pandu died. The death of her son struck heavily at the heart of Satyavati. She did not wish to live much longer after this. She mentioned about the fearful things yet to happen. Then taking her daughters-inlaw Ambika and Ambalika with her, Satyavati went to the forest to do penance and finally attained heaven.

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