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The mother of Sri Krishna and wife of Vasudeva. She is an unfortunate mother for being witnessed her seven sons being killed by Kamsa and abandons the last child Krishna as soon as he was born. Her misery was because of a brother who believed prophesies. Kamsa dethroned her husband and put both of them in jail believing the prophesies. However she was rescued by her son Sri Krishna and had a good life afterwards.

Geneology: Yadu - Sahasrajit - Satajit - Ekavira (Haihayas) – Dharma - Kani - Bhadrasena - Dhanaka – Krtavirya - Kartaviryaruna-Madhu- Vrsni- Yudhajith- Shini- Satyaka- Satyaki (yuyudhana) – Jaya - Kani - Amrita- Prsni – Citraratha - Kukura- Vahni – Viloman – Kapotaroma - Tumburudundubhi – Daridra - Vasu – Nahuka - Ahuka - Devaka


Devaki was daughter of Devaka, the daughter of Devaka. Kamsa’s father Ugrasena was brother of Devaka. So Devaki was considered as sister of Kamsa.

While During the marriage of Vasudeva and Devaki a divine voice from nowhere said that the eighth son of Devaki will kill Kamsa. Annoyed by this prophesy Kamsa at once entered the sean to kill Devaki. Vasudeva pacified her brother and his friend Kamsa telling that as soon as the children are born to Devaki, it will be given to Kamsa to decide its fate. As per the agreement Vasudeva made to Kamsa the first child, Kirtinan was duly handed over to Kamsa. But, Kamsa returned the child to its parents as, according to the celestial voice the first-born child was not to be his enemy. Vasudeva and Devaki were happy and they brought it up. Again six more sons were born to the couple. Once Kamsa happen to meet Narada whom he enquired about the celestial voice he had; Narada told to him that Lord is going to take birth as son of Devaki and would finish all the cruel kings on the world. Kamsa again become apprehensive about his death by the hand of Devaki’s son. He snatched power from his father Ugrasena and put him in jail. He don’t want to take any chance so he killed all other seven children of Devaki by dashing its head against a rock and chained Vasudeva and Devaki and put them in jail.

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