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The word Atreya mean descendends of Sage Atri. It can be more than one Rishi. Punarvasu Atreya is son of Atria. He is the most prominent Atreya and is in many occasion was called simply as Atreya. Punarvasu Atreya is famous for the Ayurvada teaching. He is also called as Krishna Atreya. He was a deciple of Bhadvaja along with Agnivesha, Bhela, Harita, and others. But it is said in Harita samhita that Atreya learned the science of Ayurveda directly from Indra and thus not indebted to Bharadvaja. Every chapter on charaka Samhita start with the words, “thus spoke the worshipful Atreya”. Atreya is an expert in Kaya-Cikitsa, the knowledge of medicine and the surgical methods were not known to him. Agnivesa, Bhela, Jatukarna,Harita, Ksarapani learned Ayurveda from Atreya.


Mandala 5 of R.V. is entirely reserved for Atreya, the followers of Atri


Mahabharata talk about one Atreya as deciple of Vamadeva

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