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Kalpa sutra




kalpa Sūtra

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Kalpa sutras are texts dealing with Kalpa, a discipline under Vedanga. Each sakha of the four Vedas have its own Kalpa sutras. The four part of Kalpa sutra are Sauta Sutra, Sulabha Sutra, Grhya Sutra and Dharma sutra. Srauta sutras contain guidelines for performing rituals. Sulba sutras contain principles for construction of various altars. Grhya sutras contain specific guidelines to Grhasthas. Dharma sutras contain the guidelines to live a Dharmic life.


A number of sages have contributed to Kalpa sastra. The six sages have composed Kalpa sutras for Krishna Yajurvda, namely, Apastamba, Baudhayana, Vaikhanasa, Sathyasadha, Bharadvaja and Agnivesa. Katyayana wrote Kalpasutra for Sukla Yajurveda. Asvalayana and Sankhayana have written Kalpasutra for Rigveda. For the Kauthuma, Ranayaniya and Talavakara Sakha of the Sama Veda, Latyayana, Drahyayana and Jaimini respectively have composed Kalpasutra. Vaitana and Kausika had contributed for Atherva Veda.

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