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Sukracharya was famous in Puranas as the preceptor of Asuras. Planet Shukra (Venus) is named after him. He was born as the son of Rishi Brighu and Ushana(daughter of Hiranyakashibu). His wife's name was Susuma or Sata-parwa. He was very much attached to his daughter Devayani. Even though Sucracharya helped Asuras he was a good mannered intellectual. The greatest thing about Sucra was his knowledge about the technique of reviving the dead which he developed to revive his dead mother. Everybody become envy of him because of this Knowledge and this has invited him many troubles. He was the author of‘Sukra Niti’which was quoted by Chanakya in his work ‘Arthasastra’. A print version of this rare text is available.


The Asura Guru Sukracharya and Devaguru Brihaspati are very prominent figure in entire Purana literature. He was very broadminded and even accepted Kacha, son of devaguru Brihaspati as his disciple but didn’t teach him the techniques of reviving dead for a quiet long period. Somehow under some compulsion from his daughter Devayani Sucracharya taught Kacha the Mritasanjeevani manthra, the techenique of reviving dead. But the mantra become useless to Kachi as Sucracharya cursed Kacha for being unfaithful to Devayani in his love.

Indras daughter Jayanti once lured Sukracharya to distract him from his Tapas which were meant for greater power to Asuras, and in turn become his wife for ten years. Sukracharya lost one eye in his attempt to prevent Bali from giving promise to Vamana. The eldest daughter of Sukra known as Divi was married to Varuna. Bala and Sura were her sons.

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