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Sage Shakti was father of Sage Parasara and eldest son of Vasista and Arunthati. He was a great sage in Advaita Guruparambara.

Sage Shakti and his brothers were eaten up by a Rakshasa. After this incidence Vasista and Aruntati lost interest in life and they jumped from a cliff to commit suicide, but surprisingly mother earth protected them. Parasara, the son of Shakti was at the womb of his mother Adrishyanti by this time and at her request Vasista and Arundhati decided to live again. Parasara started reciting Vedas from his mother’s womb and this has delighted his grandfather Vasista.

The creative energy is personified as Shakti or Parashakti. According to Sakteya system of thought all the forces everything which appear in various names and forms are in fact Ma shakti herself, her different manifestations, depending on her various forms, actions, Ma shakti is addressed by different names.

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