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Meaning of "Ashirvachan Mantra>"


Ashirvachan Mantra


आशीर्वाचन मन्त्राः


āśīrvacana mantra

In General

The blessing mantra are called Ashirvachana or Ashirvada Mantras. There are lots of such mantras to be used for every occasion in every Indian language. Chanting them is definitely a blessing and enhances the grace of the occasion

The below said are blessing mantras from Taitiriya Brahmana :

रोचनो रोचमान: शोभन: शोभामान: कल्याण: |

शतमानं भवति शतायु: पुरुष: शतेन्द्रिय आयुष्येवेन्द्रिये प्रतितिष्ठति ॥

Let you be with pleasure, charming, virtuous and noble. Let you have a life of hundred years in a life time with fully functioning Indriyas (body and mind) to pursue and develop hundred noble qualities

नवोनवो भवति जायमानोऽह्नां केतुरुषसामेत्यग्रे ।

भागं देवेभ्यो विदधात्यायन्प्रचन्द्रमास्तिरति दीर्घमायुः ॥

Like dawn of the day with bright light of Devas spreading all across, may you be blessed with long life and crosses many moons (happy life)

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