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Meaning of "NilaRudra Upanishad"


NilaRudra Upanishad


नीलरुद्र उपनिषद्


nīlarudra upaniṣad

In General

Nila Rudra Upanishad is from The Pippalada recession of Atherva Veda Samhita (14.3). Some of the Rudra Namaka mantras ( T.S. ) is repeated here and the whole U. have close resemblance with the Rudraprasna Mantras.

Sri Aurobindo had translated and commented on the first 9 Mantras of this U. In the beginning of the commentary A. states that the mantras in this U. as well as the Rudraprasna mantras are revealed to a Rajarshi, a philosopher prince.

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