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नारद स्मृति


nārada smṛti

In General

Narada smriti is a 1028 verses very ancient Smriti. It has two commentaries. The first is by Asahaya (AD650-750) and other by Bhavasvamin (AD700-1000). The treatise on Narada smriti is similar to Manusmriti. Some of the subject dealt with the text are rnadana(recovery of debts), upanidhi(deposits and lending), dattapradanika (gifts and resumption thereof), abhyupetya-asusrusa(breach of contract of service), Asvamivikraya( sale without ownership), samayasya-anapa-karma ( violation of convention of guilds), simabandha(settlement of boundaries), dayabhaga (partition and inheritance), Stripumsayoga(marital relations), crimes and punishments, Vyavahara ( social conduct). Unlike Manu Narada supported the remarriage of widows, gambling with state control and charging levy.

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