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Meaning of "Gayatri Mantra Practice>"


Gayatri Mantra Practice


In General

Gayatri is to be received as a diksha (initiated into mantra) from an elderly person who is practicing it. The performance of Gayatri Japa serves as a preliminary rite for self purification of an individual. It will bestow the spiritual aspirant with the power to lead a dharmic life and pursue further spiritual sadana. This can be practiced during all the four stages of life namely Brahmacarya, Garhastya, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa.

The sadhana of Gayatri is worship of true knowledge, so it is prescribed to do in pleasant mood. Gayatri is to be practiced only after cleaning the body and doing some simple pranayama. The mantra is to be repeated 108 times or its multiple during morning and evening twilights. Some people take an additional course of chanting after lunch. The number of manta chanted is counted by fingers or by a japamala (rosary).

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