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Grhya sutra gives the direction for all sort of usages, ceremonies, rites, customs, and sacrifices, the performance and observance of which are binding on the Hindu householder. Among these are found the Samskaras that were performed from the moment when the individual was conceived in the womb until the hour of his death and even extending further through the funeral ceremonies. The Grhya sutra generally begins with Vivaha, the marriage ceremonies and go on describing Garbhadhana, the Pumsavana, the Simantonnayana, the Jatakarma, the Namakarana, the Niskramana, the Annaprasana, the Chudakarana, the Upanayana and Samavartana. Then they describe the sacrifices and rites to be performed by a marriage couple, and in the end deal with the Antyesti or funeral cerimonies.

Grhya sutra give every detail of a Samskara and lay down Mantras and formulas to be recited at different stages of a particular Samskara. Many Grhya Sutra omit the funeral ceremony as it was regarded inauspicious and was described in separate Parisistas or Pitrmedha-sutras. The ritual aspect of the Samskaras are emphasized and minutely described in Grhyasutras. Their social sides are simply hinted at or briefly described.

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