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The lady rishis are sometimes called as Rishikas. However, the anukramani which mention the name of rishi for a particular mantra do not use this word to discriminate them from their men folks. All the vedic literature call lady rishis by the name rishi only.

The women during Vedic age were admitted to the full Vedic rites and consequently to the complete educational facilities and research; because of this we can see large number of women seers during this period. The Rishikas who became prominent seers and philosophers and ideal women were the product of the healthy educational system of Vedic age. However, Puranas, Smrities and some texts on dharma sutra are not so generous to women, but there are enough to show from Vedas that women had an equal status as that of men in Vedic age. The suktas of Rig Veda 5.7.6 & 3.55.16, Yajurveda 8.1, Athervaveda 11.6 praise maidens qualified in their Brahmachari ashram, the disciplined life of studentship for married life in Grihasthashrama, the second ashrama

In Puranas, Itihasas and other texts we can find many women with character. Some ladies wrote Upanishads and few others composed Vedic hymens. At test 30 Rishikas contributed finest poetry to Rig_Veda. Gargi was a prominent figure in philosophical debate that took place in the court of Janaka.

Some rishikas are : Apala_Atreyi , Bindu_Angirasa , Daksina_Prajapatya , Dharuna_Angiras , Divajami Gargi , Ghosha_Kaksivati , Indrasnusha , Lopamudra , Maitreyi , Sarpa_Rajni , Sraddha_Kamayani , Sumitra_Vaghayasva , Surya_Savitri , Urvasi , Vagambhrni , Yami_Vaivasvati

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