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Moksha or Mukti or Self-realization is the ideal goal of human life. It is the liberation of individual self from Karma , the birth-death cycle. Worldly desires binds oneself bind to the birth-death cycle, and Moksha is the liberation from samsara, the worldly life. The word moksha is derived from the root मुच् which means free or liberate.

Moksha is directly perceiving of Ultimate Truth; it is the stage of enlightenment and seeing what and who we really are. The true Self is not limited to material conditions. Its nature is eternal, blissful consciousness. When one truly recognizes that one’s own self is the same as the soul in all beings, one becomes an embodiment of peace, love, and compassion capable of uplifting the world.

According to Advaita doctrine Moksha is removal ajnana or ignorance and is identifying of one’s real self as the Brahman, higher than the mind or intellect, beyond all material components or influences. To Dvaita doctrine which recognizes the personalize god, it is a state where the devotee experience the eternal union with devata.

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