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Sayanacharya’s famous interpretation on Vedic literature is called Vedarthaprakasa. The work is consisting of Samhita, Brahmana and Aranyaka is believed to be composed during the period 1360 - 1385 CE with the patronage of Vijayanagara Empire. Almost all modern interpreters and translators of Veda adopted the Sayana interpretation as the basic text. The collected volumes on Vedic literature under Max Mullers took Sayanabhasya as the primary text.

Nobody before sayana had attempted such a challenge to interpret the four vedia and their multiple aranyakas and Brahmanas. The subject dealt with Vedarthaprakasa diverse and required lot of expertise. So, many experts are of openion that Sayana might have engaged many experts to complete the mission. Prof R L Kashyap says that the doubt has some substance as we see only very little cross reference in the work and same words are found to have many meaning at different mantras. Also Sayana was a very busy man with the responsibility of chief minister of a large country, so, Vedarthaprakasa might have been completed by the supervision of Sayana and the part which he might have written is the detailed introduction to the work. The reputed scholers of his time like Naraharibhatta, Pancagni Madhava, Narayana Vajapeyi, Pandari Dikshita, Vamanabhatta, etc might have definitely contributed to the work.


The work is a helpful study on how to perfom Yajna and Sayana himself admit in the introduction that Veda got many other aspects to study including the jnanamarga which is not touched upon in his work. Sayana with great respect mention the names of the earlier teachers and commentators like Yaska, Apasthamba, Asvalayana, Panini, Katyayana, Patanjali, Bhattabhaskara Misra, Skandasvamin and others.


Sayana took lot of reference from Purana to define vedic verses. Many scholers has criticised Sayana for this move as Purana is a subordinate text to Veda. To Aurobindo, Veda is highest text which reveals itself

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