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Meaning of "Yogakundali Upanishad>"


Yogakundali Upanishad


योगकुण्डली उपनिषद्


yogakuṇḍali upaniṣhad

In General

Yogakundali Upanishad is a minor Upanishad from Krishna Yajur Veda. To, Yogakundali Upanishad, Citta (mind) is the starting point; it has two controls, the vasanas and prana. If one of them is controlled, both become controlled. It is better and easy to control prana than vasanas. The prana can be controlled by moderate food, Yogasana postures and by the art of Pranayama called as Sakti-cala.

Just as what its name suggests, the Upanishad concentrate on Ashtanga Yoga and very little about philosophy. The Upanishad states the ways by which the Kundalini power is roused from navel upward to middle of the eyebrow and then to Sahasrara in the head. Practical guidance to Pranayama with minute details is special to Yogakundali Upanishad. It describes the various stages through which Kundalini power passes before reaching its final destination the Sahasrara Kamala.

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