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The Sutras are short verses in least possible number of letters expressing the exact core idea, without any ambiguity. Sutras are not revealed texts like Vedas. They are created by learned philosophers and sages. The interpretation of Vedas was the source of most Sutras. Some of them deals with grammar, aesthetics, science, art and the similar subjects.

Some of the sutras are as old as 3000 BCE. During the period of early Buddhisam, the movement to write Sutras becomes more intense. When Buddhism attracted major chunk of the population, the various schools of thought doubted that they are going to lose their traditional followers and thus stated writing their principle texts which were part of the aural tradition. The authors of these works were known as Sutrarishis and later the tradition were known by their name or work. The authors of these works are not the originators of the tradition but one of the important seers.


The sutra rishis are only the composers of the particular school of thought which was there for hundreds of years. These sutra rishis later instructed others, and thus aroused the tradition of interpretation of Veda. Then, the Sutrarishis became the authority. The literary circle further developed with different seers treating the subject with their understanding in respective stream of knowledge. This gave rise to the schools of Yajnikas, Vaiyakaranas, Niruktas, Aithihasikas, etc. to which reference is made in Niruktas.

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