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Badarayana is the author of Brahmasutra. The traditional belief is that Badarayana is none other than Krishnadvaipayana Vyasa. It is believed that after completing his major work of editing Vedas and writing Mahabharata Vyasa left of the Himalayan abode Badri and where he wrote the Brahmasutra.

There are different streams of thought in Upanishads. Badarayana collected brief passages and repeated words from different Upanishads and divided them into 5 sections, each section having its own view. Brahamasutra is in the form of approximately 555 aphorism. Sri Sankara wrote a detailed commentary on this text. Many other philosophers like Madva, Ramanuja and may other spiritual luminaries followed and wrote their own commentary on the original text. Many intellectuals consider the debate(Bhasyas) on Brahmasutra is the greatest logical debate in the human history.

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