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www.vedapurana.org on Hindu Religion and Philosophy has been set up to serve as a guide to learn the distinctive feature of Sanathan Dharma. It is a comprehensive learning tool to study the entire Hindu lore consisting of veda, purana, vedanga, dharmasastra, different systems of philosophy and social customs. The story and audio-visual part is an effort to make the learning of Hindu Religion & philosophy an interesting experience. The Vedanta philosophy learned from Sri (Brahmachari) Atmachaitanya of Chinmaya Mission and the esoteric meaning of Veda learned from Sri (Prof) R L Kashyap of SAKSHI helped the writer a sound understanding of the same without which this effort might not been accomplished.

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Readers comment:

I appreciate your effort, best wishes - Haridas, Bangalore

You are a good Samaritan – Shirazul Huq, Kozhikode, Kerala

You are a previleged one, be happy to have got a chance to work for a worthy cause – Girish Mullamkandy, Kozhikode, Kerala

vedapurana.org is giving a wholestic view on Hinduism, thank you verymuch for the new effort – Jayachandran, New Delhi