सनातन धर्म भूमिका

IAST International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration

devnagari IAST Pronounce just like the letter marked red
Vowels devanagari IAST Pronounciation - Example
acut, but, run, sun
ācop, mar, bar, car, master
ipit, sit, fit, if
īneed, seed, see, feel
uput, full
ūsoon, moon, boot
esay, may
aisite, might, light, my
omore, sore, toe, oh
auout, now
अंsum (Anusvara: Pronoused only half the syllable)
अःhalf (Visarga: modifies previous vowel)
Sanskrit Consonants - Vyanjana
k keen, kick
kh lockhead, inkhorn
g go, gut
gh log-hut
c chain, church
ch catch
j judge, jug
jh hedgehog
ñ french
ten, tub
ṭh ant-hill
den, dog
ḍh godhood, redhead
t math, thin
th thumb, withheld
d gather, mother, then
dh breathe, adhere
n not, net, nose
p pen, pat
ph loop-hole, shepherd
b bn, bun, bag
bh abgor
m mother, man
y yard, yes, yet
y yard, yes, yet
r run, red
l luck, life,lid
v avert, water
ś sure, deutsche
shoe, ship, show
s sun, sing, sit
h hot, hut, hit
ज्ञ yajna, jnanam jna yajna, jnanam
s s is , a conjunction that indicate अ ( a ); mā+am ṛtat become māsmṛtāt
Anudatta or falling tone used while reciting Rik Mantras
Udatta or rising tone used while reciting Rik Mantras
Anusvara is pronounced half m
Visarga is the expirate pronoused depending on the previous vowel
क: Kaḥ kaha
वी: viḥ Kavihi
धु: dhuḥ madhuhu
Symbol of vowels with other letters (Eg: with प)
ि पि pi
पे pa
पै pai
पु pu
पृ pṛ
पॄ pṝ
पो po
पौ pau
Sthana The Place of pronounciation
Throat अ:
Lips (<प (<फ
Nose अं
Throat + Palate
Throat + lips
Teeth + Lips
Base of Tongue



Prayatna - The effort of Pronounciation as the amount of air expelled while pronouncing a letter

The letter which require less air to be expelled are called Alpa-prana and the letter which require more air are called Maha-prana (Marked red)
अं अ: